Mind And Body


Why are you ill? Why are you not getting better? How is it that your tests are normal but you know there’s something wrong? Is your life a series of random events or is there some pattern? Do the same things seem to happen over and over?

The mind and body are intimately linked. Your mind affects your body and your body affects your mind. Physical illness and disease may have emotional roots. Psychological illness may have physical roots.

Fortunately, it’s possible to discover the roots of illness and begin the process of real healing. Whether your problem is back pain, IBS, migraine, depression, arthritis, heart disease or any other illness, it’s possible to find the answers to the questions, ‘why me?’ and ‘why now?’. These answers will lead you towards the resolution. The roots may be related to suppressed emotions over events from the close or distant past. These emotions occur in the body in the form of hormones and neuropeptides, which are the bridges between mind and body.

A genuinely lasting solution can never be found in medication. Drugs can only suppress symptoms, like putting a piece of tape over the warning light on your car’s dashboard. Like this warning light, your symptoms have a message, so it is vital to start listening and understanding the body’s language. This may require some work, but it can be more satisfying and productive than any other work you’ve ever done.

So are you ready?