Nutrition And Food


Everybody knows the saying, ‘You are what you eat’. Most people don’t realise the literal truth of this. The molecules of the food you eat do actually become part of you, once they’re digested.

So many diet books, so much conflicting advice from experts. So what should you eat?

The answer is important, as getting it right can mean having more energy, better looking skin, less illness and even living longer.

It’s mostly not that complicated. It does mean eating mostly fresh food, the best quality you can afford, with less sugar and fewer additives. It doesn’t mean eating salad all day. Food should be enjoyable as well as nutritious. The quality is as important as the quantity.

It’s worth learning about the new science relating to your microbiome (the ‘healthy bacteria’ in your gut). It’s worth learning how to use herbs and spices for their taste and their healing qualities. It’s worth learning how to individualise your food, finding the right mix that suits you.

What you drink is as important as what you eat. Fizzy drinks can be as harmful and fattening as doughnuts.

If you’re overweight, it’s worth learning about why this is more likely to be due to sugar and processed food rather than fat in your diet. If you have arthritis, heart disease, indigestion or other inflammatory disease, it’s worth learning how some foods can cause inflammation in your body, triggering such illnesses. It’s also worth understanding a little about the psychology of food and how to make changes more easily.

I am certain you can improve your diet and I am certain this will positively impact your health.

So are you ready?